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How to Start Work in Online Industry

It’s a matter of days when I was new to the online industry.

  1. Don’t know where to start?
  2. Do what?
  3. How do I do
  4. How to follow the steps?
  5. Who Will Guide?

Looking at thousands of tutorials, thousands of blog articles, thousands of mouths, and millions of words.

This is what happens with every Struggler. But I probably wasn’t even a struggle. I left my business and came to this web industry with some money. Then the conditions in the online world were not as bad as they are now. Nor were the children of this time intuitive enough to comprehend Stephen R. Cowwe’s famous article in which he says that the result should be kept in mind.

(By the way, common sense is not the same in today’s children.)

Therefore, the cat itself was to become a goat, so it became.

The dollar was then Rs. And we threw a thousand dollars into this blind world. I didn’t know what was going to happen. And the result was that all the money was wasted.

The business mind was very moving. Business is our family gift. But the loss was not due to inexperience, but rather to not knowing anything about the web industry.

One of the things I learned on that day was that to invest money in any industry, and it is necessary to first drink every square and every pier of the field. Without it, everything is useless. Your own Employees will sell and eat you, and you won’t even know.

Survival is the only thing connected with theory—money, Wealth, and resources.

Someone said money is not everything. Money does not bring happiness. Money cannot erase grief Money can’t do that. Money can’t do that. Money is hand mail. And the mail should be cleared.

The listener was like me. After hearing this with satisfaction, he said, “Sir, you will send me your next month’s salary. If you do not, I will be happy.”

The purpose is to say that after coming into the world, money is necessary for life, just as it is necessary for the human body to eat. One who denies its importance is neither aware of the world’s economic science, nor can accurately understand life’s needs.

In a country below the power line, the majority of our nation is so accustomed to listening to and accepting the facts that anyone can fool them. Sometimes as a politician, sometimes as a teacher, sometimes as a doctor, sometimes as an engineer.

Get up from here. The West is far, far better, in the developed countries of Arabia and the Gulf, and their socio-psychological foundations are very strong. And the reason for this is that they do not consider money to be a “bad thing” and issue their own hundred “Dignity.” There is no excuse for a scholarship to receive a research scientist there. Rather, its labor is paid.

But we are innocent people. We are told that money is a bad thing. And as a result, there is restricting psychology that pushes us away from the world for many years, furthering social stress in society.

But why am I doing all these things?

The purpose of all this talk is just to make sure that most of you are not yet in your practical life. There are many who are still dependents on the family. And they come and teach me that they have no money.

A little peek into their kidney reveals that ninety percent of them are students. Or are those people who have not been touched by the worst employment ever?

But I assure you with complete assurance that no one in the world, from our religious ideology to social ethics, can stop you from finding new ways to make money or make money.

In the world of Economic Competition, he is a champion of chaos. If you do not understand the value of money in your new life, then there is only slavery for the survey. God has promised the rest. But will this provision be for the humiliation of slavery or the honor of the kingdom…? It’s up to you

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