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Internet Marketing and Online Business Development Courses

So, sir, the idea of ​​starting a course in Urdu came to me when many people started asking how to work online. It also includes some of Facebook’s great writing honorees whose names are not appropriate to write here. But one thing is certain is that Facebook is now spreading enough money to make money online. And with this awareness, the demand is also being seen that people are paying attention to it.

Little did I know about Internet marketing in Pakistan during the period when I started to learn Internet marketing? In fact, even today, very few people understand Internet marketing. The previous course started last month, July 2017. But the main focus of this course was to enhance writing ability, and that course was in English. However, today I try to gather the important things about this course.

Important things

  1. This is not a traditional course in which you will be told how to make money online and which websites you go to make money.
  2. This is not a course in which to talk about shortcuts to make money.
  3. This course will not even explain how your website can be advertised illegally and how PayPal’s account will work in Pakistan.

So what will this course teach you?

A Few Objectives Of This Course

  1. This course will teach you the value of money.

Yes, I know that the value of money is known to everyone, and there is nothing new about it. But you are wrong. One is to know the value of money. And one is to highlight his demand. There is a difference between the two. This course will train you. Training is such that you become self-sufficient in Idea Generation and find your own way.

  1. This course will enhance your self-interest, personal development, and human capital. But what are these things? In fact, our ordinary lives are simple and dull. I often say that a big vision requires a lot of thought to intertwine. This course will shape your thinking from new angles. I will tell you what you can do for yourself.
  2. This course will introduce you to a new world of possibilities and a new world that you may not have imagined before.

The whole thing is that this course will be helpful in making your Facebook presence a product.

What does the course include?

Thought to add a lot to this course anyway, but since time is short, and in such a short amount of time, it is useless to try to feed so many things together in the brain. So the following are the things that are intended to be covered in this course:

  1. Internet. An overview.
  2. Internet. About some economics.
  3. Some basic and basic business principles.
  4. A look at the reasons for the downfall on the commercial industry in Pakistan at present
  5. Commercial industry solutions and case studies
  6. Freelancing – Introduction, Prospects, Names of Websites, and How to Work on them.
  7. Blogging – Introduction, Prospects, and How to Work.
  8. YouTube – Introduction, and way of working.
  9. Marketing through Writing Content – Introduction, Basics, Idea Generation, Good Writing Styles, and Planning.
  10. Social Media – Introduction, Importance, Marketing, and Revenue Procedures

These are the basic points around which the course will rotate. Ninety percent of it is based on my personal observations and experiences. I have different experiences in social media, including YouTube, blogging, and other internet destinations for every break, even succeeding, failing. And learn them and move on. YouTube channels are the stronghold of blogging and social media experiences. Every internet marketer here applies his experiences. Learns to make money and to spend more money on these experiences. But now I have come into the world of Urdu

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