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Network Marketing Is Utterly Deceitful And Invalid.

If you find people in this line, ask good sharps in your area to ask Shariah issues as well. If there is no reliable type of capital in the area, and put the plans of these companies in the service of some wise businessman friends. So as to be safe from harm.

There are probably millions of people in blogging field who have invested some money or borrowed from these companies in hopes of a bright future. S coins. Tien’s. Shenal buisnas. In addition, a new name appears every week but the import method is outdated. So beware. Sell ​​the dumplings Take a sip of the syrup. Sell ​​polished vegetables

Don’t waste your possessions by engaging in stranger activities:

Your ability and not your most valuable time. Business methods that have been around for ages are the best. It is in progress to make honesty your slogan, truly consider your salvation dear friends. Even if the package of these companies is good, what guarantee is it that it will not run out? What a huge amount of money Zico disappears with. All the work is happening on the website. Wake up at night so the website disappears. Who will sue whom you will sue?

Business Of Online Companies Through Networking:

The agents that are our people are the people who do not have the money to pay for it. Remember, it is not enough for a company to have a registration or bank account in the government that you can spend billions with it. The business of companies through networking, the golden trap of deception! One of the highlights of marketing is that the benefits of any product or service are taken into account, but its darker aspects are never highlighted.

What is Networking or Multi-Level Business?

Networking or multi-level trade is just another way of delivering any item directly to customers with the help of its members or workers.

In order to become a member of such companies, each person pays some money to the company; the only way he can get his money and profit is to entice others with a very artistic approach to the company’s procedures. ۔ Ninety percent of lies in this process are lying. Now it becomes compulsory to lie that he was fooled and now he will fool others as soon as his money comes out.

The methodology of networking companies:

Such companies do not advertise their product, nor do they buy products from well-known companies. They buy the product from very well-known companies and sell it at very high cost through networking with their labels. CEO, no important officer is ever exposed. These companies first catch people who have the ability to talk and impress other people with their words. And then they are charged with paying huge sums of money to other people for the company.

Is Network Marketing a Con?

When Amway came in the nineties, the entry fee was about $ 4,000, about Rs. 4,000. Of these, the goods they used to give in the name of business kit amounted to about Rs. Their approach is to take a big hall that impresses people with their enthusiasm. People working from the bottom up get newcomers to the company’s product and their business or the benefits of selling their product. They are shown through PPT how they the company is about to grow – indeed, there are often people in the audience who are unemployed or whose careers are not good. So all efforts are made to impress them. Which is not affected. Then these people join in by paying some fee for it.

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