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Problems with the Internet, blogging, Social Media

You will be amazed that everything from Facebook to Google is free Facebook page, Google account, Fiber account to workup account is absolutely free. At no charge, you can create a Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc. in a few seconds, but it is surprising that some people are selling Gmail accounts for money while others are selling Facebook accounts for money.

Lack of Focus

There are hundreds of informative articles on my site myself, but people are guessing by looking up search words, people are still searching for a way to create a Facebook account or a Gmail account. Creating and boosting a Facebook page is a five-minute job, installing Google AdSense, creating an AdSense account is no rocket science. How easy is it to buy a domain and create a blogger site, but we are looking at the cheap grapes lying in the front but waiting for someone else to shake their hand and put it in their mouth. It will be fun.

Brother, you have to boost the page, right? Stop calling someone, click Boost in front of the page post, and activate your internet session by calling the helpline of the Visa or MasterCard on which your bank credit card is written and click on Boost Credit. Put the six-digit digit card number, expiration date and three-digit code written on the card and boost it, that’s it.

Not Enough Knowledge on Your Part

But brother, remember not to give the card number to everyone and call and shut down the internet session after a couple of days. This is the only way to buy a domain, just have a credit card, it’s mandatory to have an internet session. Go to any domain website and search for the desired domain, create your account, and put a credit card on it.

Creating the rest of the YouTube channel is no rocket science, your Gmail ID is your YouTube channel. Just go to YouTube and click on the option upload video in the corner and upload the video name and description. Keep uploading. Don’t know which video goes viral and get you off.

What is great about AdSense is that you have a good site.

That has at least thirty articles and does not have a copyright material, keeps writing an article every day for thirty days, but keep applying and keep writing. Feel like you are updating the site regularly. The link to the rest of the website must have a link to your Facebook page Twitter ID in the corner and, most importantly, create a privacy policy page, copy the privacy policy page of any website and enter your site name. Create a privacy page. Just make the site look professional, and no link is empty, keep the categories menu, etc. in order and also have the search option just remember that your site is easy for the user to use and the purpose of the site is clear. Speaking with the words “Freelancing frees you from time and boss,” when he pulled the mobile out of his pocket, the foyer was massaged, lasting 5 minutes. It was late to see that he left half the speech and ran home.

“Blogging gives you a lot of money and wherever you roam the world, you keep getting money, even when you’re asleep,” he says, smiling that the server is down, as well as AdSense. Done. He also left the speech halfway and ran away. Not committing suicide at home.

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