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The Possibility Of Another Major Change Coming Soon To Facebook

The possibility of another major change coming soon is that Facebook has begun work on bringing another major change to its website after the reactions. Yes, Facebook has recently purchased a popular mobile app, Masquerade, which offers features like changing people’s faces and adding special filters to videos.

This app will make Facebook like Snap Chat, another popular mobile app that is becoming increasingly popular among young users who want to add special effects to photos and videos through filters.

The new Rules to Use Facebook

The use of computers is very common nowadays, and in a country like Pakistan, millions of people use it for everyday tasks. However, if your desktop computer’s mouse malfunctions, it can be quite difficult to handle it with just the keyboard. So if you know these few keyboard shortcuts, you can do the Internet and other tasks with the help of just your fingers.

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Instead of moving the mouse, simply press Ctrl + D on the keyboard and simply save the page of your favorite website.

Deleting forever

Click Shift + Delete when you want to permanently delete a file from the computer system without having to go to the recycle bin.

Close the browser

If you are playing a game in the office and want to save your web activity from the eyes of others for any reason, Alt + F4 will help you.

Bring Desktop

This is possible with Windows key + D if you have too many windows open on the computer and want instant access to the desktop.

Search for files or folders

It’s not possible to browse through all the folders for a single file, but using the window key + F shortcut.

Zoom level change

Use the Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel if you need to zoom in or out while working on a web or other program.

Reopening Closed Tabs in the Browser

Did you accidentally close a browser tab that you were viewing and find it difficult again? Try Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen this page.

Switch to open programs

This shortcut will be known to almost everyone, that is, Alt + Tab can be accessed from one window to another, but this can also be done through the Windows key + Tab in Windows Seven.

Take a screenshot

Click the Print Screen button for a quick picture or screenshot of anything on the screen. This shortcut is useful for web pages where copy and paste are not allowed.

Refresh the webpage

If you want to know about an update, refresh the screen with F5 or Ctr. Facebook introduces a number of new features that will further improve the use of the world’s most popular messaging app. New features of Facebook will help users a lot while also getting rid of some problems. The most advantageous of these new features is the new photo-sharing feature, and instead of being limited to your photo album, users can also share photos stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive in the Facebook. Just the apps on these platforms should be installed on your phone.

Similarly, you can now share documents and email is no longer required, but sending Google Docs, Dropbox or similar services will also be required. The Facebook has also refined its videos, and now users can zoom in and watch it closely as they watch it. Other features worth mentioning are the new colors, wallpapers, and technical updates, which will protect the storage space in the iPhone. These features are available on iOS and Android phones, and just users have to update the Facebook version.

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