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What is the Background of Google and how it Works for SEO

The History of Search engine Google:

“Sandrajan Pichai” is currently Google’s chief executive. Who belongs to India? His annual salary is more than 2 billion rupees in Pakistani rupees.

Who is also currently the highest paid employee in the world?

Let’s give some information to friends about them. How does a person sitting on the mat in a two-room house become Google’s CEO? Sundar Pichai was a resident of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, born on July 12, 1972. He opened his eyes in poverty ‘father Ragunath Pichai was an electrical engineer but family income was very limited’ the house was a two-room flat ‘. I was in the drawing-room floor, ‘he used to sit on the mat on the floor’, he was tired of reading, and he would fall down the pillow and sleep on the floor. It was also his responsibility to fill the taps with ‘dry clothes from the wire and kidnap children playing cricket in the street’.

How do you use Google SEO?

It was also his duty to protect the rivers from the sight of the enemy, and what was the cheapest place in the city? It was his duty to search the hearts of both father and mother. At the time of the year when his house was telephoned ‘this phone increased his work’ he became the message of this entire block of flats’ People used to call his house and leave messages for other flats of the block and he used to get up and run to convey the message, ‘He lost television and car even until his youth’. His father could not buy his whole life but today he is not only the greatest Organization was Google’s SEO, but he was also the highest paid employee in the world. His annual salary was estimated at $ 20 million.

How did this Search Engine Begin:

In childhood, he was looking forward to other shoes’ third shirts and fourth pans all year long. He was not a boy ‘, he was a child. It was a dark tale of deprivation.’ Pichai still remembers when Stanford University sent him an air ticket. His father was surprised to see the ticket, ‘That ticket was more expensive than his father’s annual income’. He still remembers asking for books and completing his assignments on trash papers. He used to hang out with buses and only get sweets at religious festivals. He then moved to the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where he obtained a degree in metallurgical engineering while studying tuition there.

Evolution of SEO:

He obtained this degree in top position and was awarded the title by Stanford, the largest university in the world. “He went to America”, he did his MS in Metallurgical Engineering from Stanford University, “he wanted to do a bigger job than engineering”. In 2004, when Jobs came out of Google, he applied for a job in the project management department. ‘This job proved to be a blessing to him’ Sunder Rajan Pichai was part of this unit The one who started the “Google Chrome” project, which was completed in 2008 and at the same time became popular in both Google and the United States’ his mind was fresh as he continued to make new plans for Google.

The Browsing Process Increasing The Quality:

Browser be ‘Android or Google Toolbar’ Desktop Search and Google Gears All these projects are completed by Singer Rajan Pachai ‘These projects increased Google revenue’ Google is currently the richest company in the world ‘worth 554 Billion dollars, while its annual revenue is $ 74 billion, ‘Pakistan’s total foreign debt is $ 70 billion’ as Google is the world’s largest one year. The single Islamic nuclear power makes more money than total loans’ The Company was started in 1996 by two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Burn, who were both PhD students. Was to split the rankings and make it easy for people to ‘Google become the world’s most trusted search engine in 2000’.

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